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Paper Grading Criteria



_____(2 points) Title Page & Abstract

_____(1) Title page

_____(1) Abstract


_____(10 points) Introduction

_____(4) Background/literature search (What has been done so far?)

_____(3) Hypothesis development (What is the hypothesis? How did the student come to that hypothesis?)

_____(3) Completeness and style (Were studies described in sufficient detail?  It is clear the student understood

   what they were describing?)



 _____(15 points) Methods

_____(3) Participants  (Who were your participants? How many participants did you have?)

_____(3) Design (correlational, experimental, etc.?  If correlational, what are the variables that were

               examined?  If experimental, what is the IV and DV?)

_____(3) Measures/Materials (How was the IV/variable #1 operationalized?  How was the DV/Variable #2


_____(3) Procedure (What did the experimenters do?  What did the participants do?)

_____(3) Completeness and style



_____(7 points) Results

_____(2) Discussion of analysis (What statistical test(s) was/were used? What did you find?)

_____(2) What variables are being related/compared?

_____(1) Direction of results (If a correlation, was it a pos or neg correlation?  If comparing means, frequencies,

   or percentages, which group is higher?)

_____(2) Tables/figures/graphs



_____(7 points) Discussion

_____(2) Hypothesis, supported or not?


_____(2) Interpretation of results; discussion of confounds (if experimental) or alternative explanations (if



_____(1) Limitations  


_____(2) Future potential studies    



_____(3 points) References (Reference page?  At least 2? Turned in first page of each?)

_____(4 points) APA Style (Follow APA style in title page, body of paper, citations, and references?)

_____(3 points) Proofreading/grammar/clarity (Typing errors?  Comma errors?  Incomplete sentences?)

_____(3 points) Group member evaluation (Was the student rated by their group members as having contributed their fair share?)


_____(1 point)  Attached original proposal (and grading criteria)?


______ (55 points) TOTAL SCORE  - GRADED BY:____________________________________________________



5 points will be deducted for every day that this paper is late. 

IMPORTANT:  Please HOLD ON to your graded paper (and this grading criteria).  You will need to turn it in with your revisions at the end of the quarter.


Please add your suggested revisions here!





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