What Would The World Be Like Without Music Essay

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Every individual has an unquenchable thirst and passion that are brimming inside the conscious. These feelings are pure emotions that make us happy or sad. A human being experiences euphoria in joyful moments or sad abyss in utmost pain and despair. This deepest feeling can only be understood by music. A person who does not love music is hard to find.

Meaning of the wonderful words:

Friedrich Nietzsche was a famous German philosopher who quoted these wonderful words. According to him “without music, life would be a mistake”. Music is the only way to connect mind, body, and soul with the threads of harmony and sensations. A person finds himself with the help of music.

Music has no language. It does not comply with barriers and bars. A successfully crafted music always runs in the ears of an admirer like a charm. The definition and genres have changed a lot, yet humans find it fascinating. At least once, a human listens to music every day to find the latent desires and lost emotions.

Without music, life is dull. The way we see the colors around us, music is the same for our ears. The sense triggers in its own ways when it comes across through a great score. The body and mind join and seem to enjoy when legs move and the person closes his or her eyes in utmost satisfaction.

Music all around us

We listen to a beggar singing to gather his last meal of the day, a thrilling score during the climax of an interesting movie, preludes or even a bird chirping at a distance. These define a different universe where there is no castes or race, only enthusiasm for music. It is said that music is the best healer. A soul can become ecstatic while listening to a nice creation. Music is another word for passion.

For someone, music is a driving force that provides the impulse and motivation necessary. It is a composition of multiple complex instrumental sounds with or without vocals. A music aficionado imbibes a music and literally drowns in the heavenly pleasure. The person tries to find every single detail and enjoy the turnouts in the music.

The best part comes for an enthusiast when favorite artists or bands produce their new piece of compilation. We find absolute bliss while listening to a new song or an instrumental.

Life in music

Every emotion can be perfectly explained via music. Without music, life is really a mistake. It can rush adrenaline through our nerves. Sometimes the music lovers even experience tears rolling down their cheeks. This is a common experience. Music is the perfect messenger of human emotions. Music brings absolute calmness and peace of a disturbed mind. It is a cleansing process of a mind via ears.

Singing a song with the music or dancing with a favorite number is a way to express the deepest degree of enjoyment. In a nutshell, music is the way to express ourselves and live the moment without any regrets.

 Without music, life would be a mistake. Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols

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A World Without Music

Sound being one of the first things ever to exist in the universe! Comparatively, this reflects the nature and transmission of sound, its various elements and manifestation, the musical material derived from it and the application of these material in construction of the instrument are some of the theories of sound. So what this means is that music has direct affiliation to the world .Imagine a world where we were not capable of producing sound or hearing, doesn’t this seem dull and lifeless. So A World Without Music? Not possible one would think. Just imagine such an extraordinary thing to live in a world where music is well, not in existence. As simple as the air we breathe is like the presence of sound in the world. But I believe music to be one of the most influential aspects to our personal experiences on earth.
Head bopping, feet tapping and finger snapping all a reflection of music.
I think we as human beings take music for granted because it is a part of our environment. A world without music you say. I stand here today not just to say, how oh so very impactful music is to our existence. Question, what is music? what are it’s impacts? And a world without music?
Firstly,Music is an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through elements of rhythm .melody, harmony and colour. Music is a universal language that anyone from any culture can listen to and appreciate. Music is important because it brings happiness, tells stories and adds detail to plays, movies and many other things in life. Music can add mood to something that wasn’t visible otherwise and it is a way to learn different cultures and exercise the soul.
Secondly, we sometimes do not realise just how important and effective music is. Just think, a movie without music, through every scene there is the presents of music allowing you to feel the emotion of the role player sanctioning you to relate and connect to the movie, or simply...

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