Cop Gear Assignment Of Benefits


StartingSalary with 60 semester hours$50,551
StartingSalary with 2-year college degree$50,911
StartingSalary with 4-year college degree$51,511
MaximumBase pay with 4-year college degree$82,085

The above-mentioned salaries include $80 per month ($960/year) that all sworn personnel receive as a result of having obtained a 4-year degree. Applicants with a 2-year degree receive an additional $30 per month ($360/year). All sworn officers have the opportunity to supplement their income by working off-duty job assignments.

Health Insurance

Comprehensive Group Health and Life Insurance are available for you and your family. Sworn personnel shall receive free life insurance in an amount equal to his/her annual base pay rounded to the nearest thousand dollars. Several major medical health care plans are available

After a waiting period, several plans are available to you and your eligible dependents. You may select a plan that suits your needs. The city shares in the cost of this coverage.

Types of Plans Available:

A comprehensive Major Medical Plan, wherein the employee has freedom of choice in selecting physicians and hospitals on a fee-for-service basis through Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO), which provided the services of the physicians, hospitals and specialists associated with the plans for a total health-care package. Only small co-payments are required for medical services rendered, and claim forms are eliminated.

Life Insurance

After a waiting period, life insurance in an amount equal to his/her annual base pay rounded to the nearest thousand dollars is provided at no cost to you, with double the amount payable in the event of accidental death. If you wish, you may purchase additional life insurance and accidental death coverage. Florida law provides up to $50,000 line-of-duty death and $75,000 unlawful death insurance. This coverage pays in addition to any other benefits, and is furnished at no cost to you.

Retirement Plan

You may retire when you reach 55 years of age or when you have completed 25 years of creditable service regardless of age. The Police Pension Fund provides lifetime retirement benefits, as well as disability and survivor payments. After you are eligible to retire, you may participate in the Deferred Retirement Option Plan. The plan is an optional benefit program in which you “bank” your pension benefit while continuing to work for up to seven years.

100% Academy Sponsorship

The department will pay academy tuition and salaries for police officer applicants accepted into the cadet program.

The department will also provide reimbursement to those applicants who were self-sponsored and are already Florida certified law enforcement officers. This reimbursement is provided after the officer meets the criteria of the department set commitment period

Police Academy

Certified law enforcement officers outside the State of Florida, with one year of full-time law enforcement experience, may be eligible to attend an equivalency of training academy. This decision will be made by the Training Division at time of appointment.

Non-certified applicants (Police Cadets) will attend a 21-week academy.

Academy attendance will be primarily Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Neither dormitories nor temporary housing are provided for out of town applicants. The department will assist with information on lodging, realtors and the Chamber of Commerce.

Applicants are encouraged to tour the Police Department facility.

Lateral Transfers

Certified Police Officers who transfer laterally to our agency may be eligible to receive one step for one year of creditable service up to Step 5 after completing the field training program. This may be applied when an applicant is a Florida State Certified Officer or when we have an out-of-state officer who meets the FDLE guidelines of eligibility to attend the Equivalency of Training Academy.

Pre-Certified Officer Incentive Program

Florida certified officers and out of state officers that qualify for the FDLE’s Equivalency of Training Certification Program are eligible for this incentive program. The Department will pay an $8000 incentive to individuals that are hired. $4000 will be paid upon successful completion of the Field Training Program and $4000 will be paid after four (4) years of continuous service. This monetary incentive is subject to certain conditions as indicated in the Incentive Program Agreement.

Advancement Opportunities

Every officer has the opportunity to apply to a specialized unit after being off probation for two years and is eligible to become a sergeant after completing only three years of service.

Court Pay

If you are required to attend court or a judicial hearing during scheduled off-duty hours, you will receive two hours compensation for all appearances during those two hours if the start of the two-hour period is more than 60 minutes before your regularly scheduled check-in time or more than 60 minutes after your regularly scheduled check-out time.

Educational Incentive Pay

The State of Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission provides for pay incentives after the completion of designated courses of study.

You can receive an additional $130 monthly if you meet educational standards established by the State of Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission. Educational Incentive Pay is designed to encourage educational achievement in police-related fields as set forth in the Florida Statutes.

Financial Aid for Continuing Education

The City of St. Petersburg provides up to 75% or $1000, whichever is higher, per year toward tuition reimbursement. A Charitable Trust has also been established to further assist officers pursuing a college degree


Uniforms are provided at no cost to the employee. A service weapon, Taser, safety glasses, safety shoes, flashlight, law books and other equipment also are provided.

Miscellaneous Benefits

  • Paid Military Leave, Funeral Leave and Holidays
  • Up to five weeks of Paid Annual Leave time
  • Take Home Car Program
  • Uniforms and Equipment provided at no cost
  • Fully Equipped Weight Room and Workout Center
  • Part Time Fitness Coordinator
  • Deferred Compensation Programs exist via ING and ICMA
  • Credit Union


Effective Date: 06/01/2017


1. The Chief of Police Approves All Uniforms

2. All Department Uniform Standards are Maintained in the Uniform Reference Catalog (URC)

Officers will not wear uniform items not located in the URC without written permission from the Chief of Police.

Exception: Officers may wear black suspenders for gun belts with a signed medical exemption letter from the Employment Services Lieutenant.

3. The Audit, Policy & Research Section Maintains the URC

Any requests to alter or submit new uniform options to the URC will be researched and evaluated by the Uniform and Equipment Committee (UEC) and forwarded to the Chief of Police for final consideration.

Refer to 9.040 – Uniform and Equipment Committee

4. All Outward Facing Uniform Items Include Proper Identifying Markings

Any shirt, jacket, etc., worn as the outermost layer of the officer’s uniform will contain a cloth nametag on the right side chest of the uniform item.

Badges are worn as described in the URC.

During the month of September, officers may wear the SPD commemorative 9/11 badge.

Officers may wear the Seattle Police Honor Guard mourning badge in accordance with: 3.170-Honoring Those Killed in the Line of Duty.

5. Sworn Personnel Wear the Approved Patrol Uniform For Most Department Functions

On-duty personnel may wear either the class A or class B uniform year round, unless otherwise directed. This applies to both on-duty and off-duty work as an officer.

Exception: In emergencies and/or inclement weather, a Captain or above may authorize patrol to wear the Department-approved UO uniform.

6. Employees Wear Specialty Uniforms for Authorized Functions Only

Officers will respond to all Department functions in the approved patrol uniform unless:

- They are permanently assigned or on-loan to a specialty unit and performing the function of that unit.

- They are performing a follow-up investigation function.

- They are authorized by the Chief of Police to wear an alternate uniform.

7. All Sworn Personnel Maintain an Approved Patrol Uniform

All sworn employees will keep a class A uniform at their unit of assignment with all other required patrol equipment.

All sworn employees will keep all authorized Demonstration Management uniforms within their unit of assignment.

8. Sworn Personnel Working a Plainclothes Assignment Require Approval

Sworn personnel must obtain approval of their Bureau Chief prior to working any plainclothes function, whether the assignment is on duty or off duty.

9 Uniformed Personnel Will Not Address Plainclothes Officers

Plainclothes officers may only be addressed after they have initiated contact with uniformed officers.

Exception: This does not apply in criminal investigations involved in an operation with plainclothes officers

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