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Lab Support can provide you with high quality consultants with the in-demand skill sets you need for your projects. Our pre-screened and fully referenced consultants are typically available within 48 hours. They are qualified to support a wide range of projects within the medical device, pharmaceutical and biotechnology areas, from R&D to GxP quality and compliance and all the product lifecycle tasks in between.

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The basis of our chemical makeup is science, as we pioneered the concept of scientists recruiting scientists and have remained true to this focus. Today, most Lab Support Recruitment Consultants possess a degree in science or engineering and a passion for the industry they represent.

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With our specialised recruiting approach, Lab Support understands the challenges of each industry and offers customised recruiting solutions to accommodate the unique mix of talent needed at every stage of your business cycle.



This company is like a lot of other staffing companies where they lure you in with the "benefits" and the "good ole' boy" culture when in all honesty it is a farce. I won't go into all of the problems with this company but I will hit on a few....
1. They will not pay your bonus on time or correctly for that matter: I stayed long enough to get a few bonuses paid out and each time it was incorrect and my pay raise, that I was promised, was not on time. If you don't demand your money they will correct the issue about a month later. I have never worked somewhere where management thinks it is okay to pay people incorrectly and there has to be some law against it.

2. If you do not fit the majority you should work elsewhere: basically to keep this as PC as possible, if you are not a white male this job will not present a lot of opportunity to you. Upper management is not divers and the hardest working people don't get promoted. I had a supervisor (who eventually got fired) who wouldn't show up to work for weeks on end, when he was at work he goofed off all day and tried to distract us, and he didn't know how to even do his job. This same person would then passive aggressively tell us we weren't doing our jobs...seriously nuts!

3. If you give them time and dedication you will not be rewarded: I had the chance to work alongside a lot of tenured recruiters and they all were begging for a new opportunity and were not afforded one at all. I find that crazy, if someone has mastered a role you should move them on to something else. That is called RETENTION!!!

4. All work and no play: upper management will encourage you to work extremely long hours with no reward. If you work over 40 hours you don't get "time and a half" like most jobs. Also since I was recruiter for a hub and not being paid commission, it actually hurt my metrics to work longer hours.

5. You will hit your top potential at some point: once you do there is nowhere else to go. If you do hit your top base salary they won't promote you and you won't get out of the recruiting chair. They will send you on an okay trip to Mexico every year, but honestly it is Mexico.

Overall I wish i could go back and shake my former self silly for taking such a degrading, ill supervised and all around horrid job. RUN while you can and don't ever work here!!!

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