Diligence Is The Mother Of Good Fortune Essay Contest

A card can be the perfect way to give someone embarking on a new adventure some encouragement.

21 messages, quotes and poems to write in a leaving card for a colleague

Whether it be starting a new job, taking an exam, a driving test or moving abroad, what you write inside that card should be something poignant.

It might be a heartfelt message, a memorable quote or perhaps a short poem about success.

Here are 23 messages, quotes and poems to share to inspire them to do the best they can.

Eight messages to share with a loved one


1) Wishing you the best of luck in all life has to offer you.

2) Hoping good luck continues to follow you all through your life, my friend.

3) I know you can climb the highest mountains. Never lose faith in yourself. Good luck!

4) May God give you the courage to face all challenges with a smile!

5) Bury your worries with a sunset and wake up fresh with new hopes every morning. Good luck!

6) All I wish for you is happiness. May the smile on your lips never fade!

7) I was going to wish you lots of luck for your exams. But I remembered that you have learned so much you do not need luck. Therefore I wish you lots of success.

8) Nobody can be 100% sure if he will pass or fail the exams. But hard work will increase the chances of doing well. Best of luck!

Ten quotes to give some inspiration

1) Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect – Ralph Waldo Emerson

2) Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity – Lucius Annaeus Seneca

3) Diligence is the mother of good luck – Benjamin Franklin

4) Nobody gets justice. People only get good luck or bad luck – Orson Welles

5) Inspiration is one thing and you can’t control it, but hard work is what keeps the ship moving. Good luck means, work hard. Keep up the good work – Kevin Eubanks

6) The only good luck many great men ever had was being born with the ability and determination to overcome bad luck – Channing Pollock

7) I’ve found that luck is quite predictable. If you want more luck, take more chances. Be more active. Show up more often – Brian Tracy

8) I say luck is when an opportunity comes along and you’re prepared for it – Denzel Washington

9) You gotta try your luck at least once a day, because you could be going around lucky all day and not even know it – Jimmy Dean

10) I think we consider too much the good luck of the early bird and not enough the bad luck of the early worm – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Source: Brainyquote

Five poems about luck to use in a card

1) Luck is not chance (Emily Dickinson)

Luck is not chance,
It’s Toil,
Fortune’s expensive smile,
Is earned,
The Father of the Mine,
Is that old-fashioned Coin,
We spurned

2) The road may seem rough,
Life may seem tough,
But for a Smooth Sailing,
My Good Luck Wishes are enough!

3) As long as you have
Hard work in your stride
Good Luck will always
be by your side.

4) Good Luck Gold (Janet Wong)

When I was a baby
one month old,
my grandparents gave me
good luck gold:
a golden ring
so soft it bends,
a golden necklace
hooked at the ends,
a golden bracelet
with coins that say
I will be rich
and happy someday.

I wish that gold
would work
real soon.
I need my luck
this afternoon.

5) Hard Luck (Edgar Albert Guest)

Ain’t no use as I can see
In sittin’ underneath a tree
An’ growlin’ that your luck is bad,
An’ that your life is extry sad;
Your life ain’t sadder than your neighbor’s
Nor any harder are your labors;
It rains on him the same as you,
An’ he has work he hates to do;
An’ he gits tired an’ he gits cross,
An’ he has trouble with the boss;
You take his whole life, through an’ through,
Why, he’s no better off than you.

If whinin’ brushed the clouds away
I wouldn’t have a word to say;
If it made good friends out o’ foes
I’d whine a bit, too, I suppose;
But when I look around an’ see
A lot o’ men resemblin’ me,
An’ see ’em sad, an’ see ’em gay
With work t’ do most every day,
Some full o’ fun, some bent with care,
Some havin’ troubles hard to bear,
I reckon, as I count my woes,
They’re ’bout what everybody knows.

The day I find a man who’ll say
He’s never known a rainy day,
Who’ll raise his right hand up an’ swear
In forty years he’s had no care,
Has never had a single blow,
An’ never known one touch o’ woe,
Has never seen a loved one die,
Has never wept or heaved a sigh,
Has never had a plan go wrong,
But allas laughed his way along;
Then I’ll sit down an’ start to whine
That all the hard luck here is mine.

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Diligence is the Mother of Success

The heights by great men reached and kept Were not attained by sudden flight, But they, while their companions slept Were toiling upward in the night. Longfellow

There can’t be any short cut to success. The toil of years, the sweat of your brow, struggle your make, everything counts in achieving the goal. Looking at the biographies of greatmen, we find that the most of the successful persons whether inventors, artists, scientist, technocrats, sculptures, thinkers, leaders and workers of any kind, owe their success to their indefatigable hard work and dedication .they were the men who achieved their success with dedication, devotion and true hard work. This really holds that the secret of success consisted in being master of our subject. Such mastery is attainable through continuous application.

Those, who work diligently, not only achieve their goals and get success, but also remain happy, cheerful and active, which is itself a great reward even if the work does not bring success. Idleness or laziness is worse as it brings jealousy, gloom, frustration, depression which are more degrading than the failure itself.

Walter Scott, the famous novelist of Scotland who started his life as an ordinary clerk, attained the great heights of eminence by dint of his sheer diligence. He used to rise at 5 O’clock and by the time his family assembled for breakfast, he had done enough to use his own words to break the neck of the day’s work.

Excellence is an ever approaching target. One who put this best in pursuit of excellence, he reaches nearer to goal. Full dedication, high degree of devotion, cuts the time to half. A glimpse of history tells us that all the successful personalities were determined and devoted fully to achieve whatever they thought or desired.

See the example of Dhirubhai Ambani who put the Reliance group in the fortune 500 companies, started merely with investment of Rs 15,000/- and made it a company of Rs 60,000 crores, looks unimaginable, unbelievable, but it is a fat. The diligence of Mr. Ambani, his full dedication and devotion to do something extra ordinary, raised him to such unimaginable heights.

Enthusiasm is the best asset of a person, self-determination and hard work, could achieve anything. Failure of any kind do not deter them but make them fiercer and dedicated to achieve the goal. Failures are natural happenings. Every successful man faced failures of many kinds but they worked with more enthusing, more determined zeal. Analyzed their shortcomings and tired again and got success.

Those who consider themselves born to ill luck, very aptly assume that all their failures and misfortunes are because of their hard luck. They don’t analyses their weaknesses, shortcomings and lack of efforts but lament for their ill fate. Fate is nothing but a creation of an idle fancy, an invention of superstitious brains. Dr. Jophnson, has rightly said, “All the complaints which are made of the world are unjust, I have never knew a man of merit and diligence neglected; it was by his own fault that he failed of success. Several proverbs signify the importance of diligence: no sweat no sweet, God help those, who help themselves; the World is His, who has Patience, and Industry, fortune Favours the brave, Perseverance and dedication are the keys to success. These proverbs are text of time and experience of everyday and still bear force of truth and accuracy.

One should not trifle away the importance of intelligence, along with diligence. Labor and hard work pas when apply intelligently and analytically. Just as diligence alone can’t help in achieving success, in the same way Intelligency alone can’t help in making one successful. It is the result of both diligence and intelligentsia, which makes a man successful. Taking right decision, at right time, in a right manner means the intelligentsia and putting hard work to achieve a goal, undaunted by the problems with positive thinking and iron will means diligence.

No doubt diligence is very necessary for the success but intelligent decision is again an important factor that can’t be ignored. We know so many daily wage earners toiling hard day and night to earn their livelihood, can’t be termed as successful, but a person putting little labour and managing the things properly, earring handsomely is a successful man. Thus not only diligence but intelligentsia is also necessary for the success life.

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