Single Parent Argument Essay Topics

How Do You Write A Five-Paragraph Persuasive Essay On Single Parent Families

If you have to create a five paragraph persuasive essay on single-parent families, you need to first consider which aspect of single-parent families you want to cover. because you only have five paragraphs in which to present your information you have to make sure that you have refined your topic sufficiently enough that you can cover three key points in support of your thesis statement.

Your thesis needs to direct the content you are presenting. Obviously the topic of "single-parent families" is very broad and that means you have a lot of flexibility in selecting your thesis statement.

  • For example: you can create a thesis statement that focuses on the welfare benefits given to single-parent families. If this is your topic of choice you might be able to cover three specific benefits that a single-parent family receives, one benefit for each of the body paragraphs.
  • Another potential idea is to focus on the challenges a single-parent family has but in this case you would need to better define your thesis toward either the difficulties the parents faces, or the difficulties that the child faces, or even the difficulties that the entire family unit faces. In this instance you would need to select three specific difficulties to cover in the three by paragraphs.

Once you have selected the idea you need to conduct research necessary to provide sufficient evidence for each of the three points you are going to present. If, for example, you decided to focus on the welfare benefits that single-parent families receive you need to figure out what three benefits you want to cover and if you don't know what benefits they receive you have to research all of them and from that pick your three top benefits. Once you have done this you need to decide what organization you are going to use.

When you draft your outline you have the opportunity to select the information in whatever order you think is most effective in presenting your thesis. Some students prefer to organize their body paragraphs from the strongest argument the weakest argument while others prefer the weakest argument to the strongest argument, and some prefer a chronological organization. If you are using the idea of the welfare benefits, you might want to start with the most beneficial benefits and move backward or introduce them in terms of which benefits have been around the longest.

It is up to you to select whichever organization is best.


and you love this child, then you can be a good parent. here are many ways to enhancethe well being of your child if you simply apply yourselves as parents.+agginnis later states that, 'Boys who do not have fathers as male role models suffer especially(. #hile it is e-tremely important for a male child to have his father around, there are other ways of teaching a young boy the lessons he needs to become a man. I know from personal e-perience that what the author of this article is trying to convey is wrong. I never had my father around while growing up and I did in fact have many positive male role models. +y 5randfather was always there to help guide me as I slowly blossomed into a young man. nytime my mother had to work to support us, my grandparents, aunt’s, uncles and cousins would step up and provide the time and attentionI needed. herefore, I had the best support group I could have had as a young man. Being a child with a single mother had its benefits. lthough I came to find how hard it really was for her to always meet the needs of her child, she did the best &ob that she possibly could and gave me the knowledge that I needed to become a successful man without the guidance of my father.I did however have the e-perience of dealing with a step$parent. oday, twenty$ five percent of all merican children will spend at least some time of their growing$up years in a stepfamily. his seems fine for single parents because they feel like they can start over in a new relationship and receive help from their spouse both emotionally and financially.  step$parent can cause confusion and emotional stress on the child since they have &ust had to ad&ust to only one parent and now have to ad&ust to a new parental figure stepping into the family role. nother factor of bringing a step$parent into a singlefamily’s life is new step$siblings to get along with. It might not be &ustified for a step$

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