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Essay on individual and society

This essay guide will help you think about various strategies and points to cover when writing about individual's relation to society.

Narrow your essay scope - define what individuality means

What is individuality? Is it something that we invent as some unattainable goal to separate ourselves from each other? Or is it a tangible thing that we should each strive for? It is a deep philosophical question that has its grounding in the societal issues that we all face each and every day. Researching such a difficult topic as the individual and society can be daunting, but it is a topic to which many of the ideas and subjects you will cover lie inside of you, as we all have strong opinions about this kind of philosophical issue.

This kind of topic should probably be observed from multiple perspectives, so one of the best forms of research may be talking to other people about it, and trying to find out what they think about their place in society and whether they are happy with their individuality (or lack thereof).

Research papers all have a set of guidelines you should follow, for instance it is very important to start off strong, focusing on outlining your topic, the opening sentence can be crucial for this part of the paper. You will then want to go on to discuss the topic in detail. This kind of topic should probably be observed from multiple perspectives, so one of the best forms of research may be talking to other people about it, and trying to find out what they think about their place in society and whether they are happy with their individuality (or lack thereof). Ultimately the goal of a research paper is to come up with a solid understanding of the topic, and this paper should be no different.

Get in the zone - explore your own feelings on the subject

Once you understand individual's role in society your paper will write itself. Understanding this can be difficult. Someone once told me that in his opinion, every single action that we make as humans is done to please other people, and that our goal in existence is to gain approval in the people around us. While this writer strongly disagrees with this theory, it is an interesting thought to ponder. Why do we do the things we do? Is the goal to improve ourselves or is it to improve the world as a whole? Every single day you make choices that affect the world around you, and recognizing this is the first step to truly contributing to society. You may say "I have no desire to contribute, so long as I am happy." And however selfish that wording may sound, I have met many people who echo this ideal in what they feel is a much more gentle manner.

Try to find common patterns and generalities but also voice your own ideas

It is human nature to preserve one's self, the question is whether or not we can overcome this trait.

The fact of the matter is this: we as people are selfish to some degree. It is human nature to preserve one's self, the question is whether or not we can overcome this trait. My answer would be yes, and I think in order to attain a truly harmonious and efficient society that we will have to overcome this kind of self-centered thinking. Creating a good society does not mean that we should attempt roboticism in our actions, individuality and creativity may well be the most important part of a functioning society, but rebellion for rebellion's sake is absurd! I have met many a high school student who are against certain things like genocide in Darfur and the war in Iraq, without even being able to give a basic rundown of what these issues really mean.

Finish the essay with a strong, actionable conclusion

Being a contributing member of society has nothing to do with being an unthinking member of the majority, but by having an opinion and getting out there, voting, acting, protesting, or whatever it is you do, by giving back to your society you can improve it. Writing a research paper on this topic can help you to understand how you yourself might be able to improve the world around you as well as find individuality.

Contributions Of Teachers To Society Essay

Teachers hold a very sensitive role in the modern civilized society. Regarded as social engineers, teachers possess immense knowledge on various issues that affect our daily lives as a community of human beings. Though in many countries including the developed ones, teachers are poorly remunerated they make invaluable contributions to their communities, to society and to the world at large, engaging in yeoman services with selfless love and dedication that could only be considered priceless. This paper serves to explore some of the social contributions that teachers make to the modern civilized society.
Teachers impart knowledge and values on learners with the intention of creating self sufficient, articulate, socially responsible, resilient and active citizens of the world. Currently, knowledge capital is an important ingredient in the growth of the economy locally and globally. Through provision of intellectual capital, teachers can be considered to be the pillars of a sustainable and progressive society (Singh and Samiti). A sustainable knowledge base helps in modeling of economic platforms which are enormously important in a progressive society (Szucs 3). In addition, values which are passed on by teachers to students help in shaping children’s behaviors .The development of positive and desirable personality traits among individuals in the society can thus be attributed to the many good work of teachers.
Another important social contribution made by teachers to society is the aspect of leadership and guidance (Singh and Samiti). Teachers are perhaps, the best examples of guiders and leaders in a community. As such, teachers demonstrate to the society how a dynamic leader should behave and act (Collay 32). Apart from being leaders in and out of the classrooms and school offices, teachers serve as self-motivated forces and exemplars in the society. Children can develop leadership qualities which are essential in the development of productive social aspects through observing teachers’ behaviors and actions (Collay 32). Teachers are important in the society because they demonstrate the importance of socialization and humanization. They create good rapport with learners and fellow adults, thereby serving as good examples of social beings in the society (Villegas and Lucas 192).
Teachers are also builders of educational systems in every country. They are responsible for our successes and failures in society (Singh and Samiti). Through adequate input in policy making by teachers, various government agencies create proper educational systems which ensure a continuous production of intellectuals in society (Villegas and Lucas 191). Teachers also teach students on how to solve various problems facing the human race in the modern world. A productive educational system ensures that the society experiences constant production of reliable and motivated individuals.
Educators also serve as a drive for creativeness and innovation (Hargreaves 64)....

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