The Word Police Essay

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The Word Police by Michiko Kakutani

Michiko Kakutani's essay “The Word Police” is a refreshing look at a literary world policed by the Politically Correct (P.C.). She pokes fun at the efforts of P.C. policepersons such as Rosalie Maggio, author of The Bias-Free Word Finder, a Dictionary of Nondiscriminatory Language . But in mocking authors like Maggio, Kakutani emphasizes that efforts of the P.C. police are often exaggerated to the point of silliness and can even become a linguistic distraction from the real issues. In fact, such filtering or censorship of words can lead to larger problems within the English language: “getting upset by phrases like ‘bullish on America' or ‘the City of Brotherly Love' tends to distract…show more content…

Just as authors of preschool fiction would not reveal equations of quantum physics in their publications, writers must consider the demographics of their audience when striving for political correctness. Even the word “audience” implies a miasma of varying biases, religious preferences, ages, cultures, social statuses, ethnicities, levels of intelligence, and so on; so to be P.C., writers must respect this variety in their writing. But such consideration is no small task; writers must examine all the demographics of their audiences in order to be truly inclusive. Even the use of “general” when claiming our writing is “for a general audience” is not an easy solution. Many institutions that claim neutrality can have predispositions. (Location is a considerable factor in this partiality.) For example, a liberal arts school in New York City has cultural and social norms slightly different than one in Birmingham, Alabama. Scrutiny of the audience is crucial when writing inclusively, but sometimes it is impossible to cover all the bases.

Literary content is another exterior element to consider when writing inclusively. Genre and subject matter are included in this category. Non-fiction, science fiction, historical fiction, scientific research, poetry, prose, and drama are all received differently and attractive to slightly different audiences. A purely scientific research paper or

The Role of Police in Society Essay

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The Role of Police in Society

In today's society the police, play may roles. They are the peacekeepers, law enforcement and many other jobs. However, recently they have become the subject of a very heated and large debate. Many believe that the police should give up their brute type tactics for a more civilized and humanized approach, while others feel that the police should crack down on the most insignificant of offences to type and disparage crimes that are more serious. In this paper, we will be analyzing both sides of this issue, from the look of the police administration to the public's view of it. When we mention today's police force we will be using the New York City police force as are basis of comparison, because they seem to…show more content…

The ability to do as they saw fit). They had to give those rights to a ruling body (i.e. the government). Then the ruling body then took on the responsibility of defending they right s of the people and deciding what was right and wrong.
Over many years the idea of a policing body took many forms. In many societies they were just a group of hired men that served a particular person, needless to say they were not acting in the best interest of society. Usually these groups were made up of workless men whose only ability was his strength. As more years role by the policing body adopted a more sociological or philosophical approach. These tactics included using the people themselves to police them selves. An example of this would be in early china where the people were expected to report on the neighbors and families for crimes committed against the state and ruling body. The idea behind this was to instill fear and unknowingness in the public to give the ruling body an upper hand. In other societies instead of punishing the wrong doer for a criminal action the ruling body would punish the families of the wrong doer. This would created a society that one would prevent crime on the idea f not wanting to harm one's family and two would created a society that would turn in a brother or neighbor to prevent harm done on one's self for another's actions. This would free up the government to deal with other matters.
In the early

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