Pol 215 Week 2 Assignment

Unformatted text preview: 4. Access to public services Rural, Suburban, or Urban Suburban Urban Having access to public services/social services when living in urban areas is a given since everything is at hands reach. Living in the suburbs still gives you access to these services, you just live in a smaller community adjacent to the city than if you were living in urban areas. However you need to drive a few more minutes so you are within the distance of the city to these services. 5. Gang violence on the street Rural, Suburban, or Urban 6. Gang activity in schools Rural, Suburban, or Urban 7. School funding Rural, Suburban, or Urban 8. Availability of energy, water, and resources Rural, Suburban, or Urban 9. Demands on ecosystems Rural, Suburban, or Urban Rural, Suburban, and Urban Issues Worksheet POL/215 Version 4 2 10. Lack of diversity Rural, Suburban, or Urban...
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CONSTITUTION AND SYSTEMS OF THE STATE2Constitution and Systems of the StateAccording to history there has been seven various state constitutions that has preside over Texas, and another constitution presided the Republic of Texas (Boatright, 2013). According to Boatright (2013), “The current Texas constitution is commonly known as the Constitution of 1876. It was framed by a constitutional convention in 1875 and ratified by Texas voters in 1876” (Boatright, 2013). However, the constitution has been modified 474 times in seventy different validation ballot vote. The occurrence in which the existing constitution that was modified has made it extremely long, thorough, and hard to comprehend, in which the state attempted to change the Constitution of 1876 with a completely different document in 1972 (Boatright, 2013). That attempt was unsuccessful and the impediments that was meant to be addressed remained. The Texas constitution is yet extremely long and detailed, however, it is still a significantly fundamental and important issue (Boatright, 2013). According to Boatright (2013), “The existing Texas constitution might have several different versions, or no version, currentlyin effect because the constitutional convention and Texas voters approved six different original versions of the Constitution of 1876” (Boatright, 2013).

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