Atv312 R1 Assignment

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How do you configure the sink and source switch on the Altivar ATV312 drives?
You can check the sink source switch position by checking to see what position the sink source switch is set to on the printed circuit board of the ATV312 drive.

How to program an ATV312 for PID control?
Several factory default functions are incompatible with PI control.
Unassign summing inputs:
FUn – SA1 – SA2 = nO
FUn – SA1 – SA3 = nO
Unassign preset speeds:
FUn – PSS – PS4 = nO
FUn – PSS – PS2 = nO

Set PI parameters:
FUn – PI – PIF = AIx where x is the analog input for the PID feedback
FUn – PI – PII = YES for internal setpoint adjustment
FUn – PI – rPI = reference setpoint as a % of the feedback full range

Also consider:
FUn – PI – PIC = YES to reverse the PID correction so that a low feedback results in a slower VFD speed to correct
Sleep/Wake function by setting SEt – tLS = low speed timeout and PI – rSL = wake threshold

Does the ATV312 have Brake Logic Control?
The ATV312 does have a Brake Logic Control function. This enables the drive to manage an electromagnetic brake.
To program it, go to menu FUn, Application Functions, and sub-menu bLC, Brake Control.

Does the ATV312 drive has a reverse inhibition function?
No the ATV312 drive does not have an reverse inhibition function.

Can you do a multipoint addressing with the ATV312 drives?
It is not possible to do multipoint addressing with the ATV312 drives.  The menu for the configuration can be displayed on the remote HMI  but it is not a working function of the drive because the function has not been implemented.  If you want this feature you will need to use the ATV61 or ATV71 drives – MRO Drives stocks these series as well.

What to do when getting an Internal Fault on an ATV312?
• Remove all control wiring.
• Check ribbon cable to control board behind the display.
• Replace the drive.
• Restart the drive.
• Contact a Schneider Electric representative

What does Suffix S385 mean on the ATV312 drives?
Suffix Version S385 version of the ATV312 is restricted to the OEM Automatic systems.
The S385 means its s specific version. The ATV312 S385 version has 16khz of PWM frequency allowed for all speeds.
Also some of the factory default settings are not same as the standard drive.

How is the ATV312 programming returned to the factory defaults?
Use the following steps to reset the ATV312 to factory settings:
From the default display, press Enter
Turn to menu drC, press Enter
Turn to parameter FCS, press Enter
Turn to setting InI, press and hold Enter for 2 seconds

Where can I find basic programming information for ATV312 drive line?
drC Menu
Parameter setting Description
bFr Standard Motor frequency (50Hz or 60Hz depending on the motor and power system)
UnS Rated Motor Voltage
FrS Rated Motor Frequency (usually matches bFr)
nCr Rated Motor Current (nameplate current for the motor at the voltage it’s being used)
nSP Rated Motor Speed (nameplate RPM for the motor at the frequency it’s being used)
tFr Max Frequency
uFt Motor control type (defaults to n; Sensorless Vector Control, some applications work better at L; Standard V/Hz)

SET Menu
ACC Acceleration
dEC Deceleration
LSP Low Speed
HSP High Speed
ItH Motor Thermal (set to the motor nameplate current for the voltage being used, provides Overload protection)
uFr Voltage boost (usually can be left at default)
CLI Current limitation (sets peak current allowed to go to the motor. If set too low, can prevent the motor from reaching the commanded speed; display will flash off and on)

IO Menu
tCC 2/3 wire type (default is 2C; 2 wire control)
tCt 2 wire type (default is trn; drive must see the transition (off to on) of the run command to start the motor.) Some applications require this to be changed to LEL. Review the installation to be sure this is safe.
rrS Reverse assign (default is LI2)
WHEN in 2C (2 wire control) LI1 is the Run Forward input.
When in 3C (3 wire control) LI1 is a Stop input, LI2 is Run Forward and LI3 is Run Reverse.

CtL menu
LAC= L1, L2 or L3 (default is L1, L2 and L3 enable advanced functions in the drive)
Fr1= Sets where the speed reference comes from. Default is AI1 (0-10VDC) Other options are AI2, AI3, A1U1, UPdt, UPdh, LCC, Ndb or nEt
Fr2= Sets where the secondary speed reference comes from. Active only if Reference Switching (rFC is used)

AI1= speed pot 0-10vdc input
AI2= -10 +10vdc analog input
AI3= 4-20mA analog input
A1U1= Local speed knob on the face of the drive
UPdt= +/- Speeds
UPdh= +/- Speeds via the remove HMI
LCC= Local mode
ndb= Modbus reference
nEt= reference via network communications protocol.

Where can one find max line current values for the ATV312 drives?
The input line supply values are going to be for voltages between 200VAC to 240VAC or 380VAC to 500VAC 50/60hz.

Can the Altivar 312 program be changed while the drive is running?
Most parameters cannot be changed when there is an active run command. However, some can be adjusted while the motor is running. All parameters can be viewed either way.

How do you set up the preset speeds on the ATV312 drive?
Step 1 Full menu
Step 2 Fun menu
Step 3 PSS parameter enter
PS2 set to LI3
PS4 set to LI4
SP2= speed 2 10hz example
SP3= speed 3 20hz example
SP4= speed 4 60hz example

How many digital inputs and relay outputs come on the ATV312 drives?
6 digital inputs LI1 thru LI6
2 relay outputs R1 and R2 relays
3 analog inputs AI1, AI2 and AI3
1 analog output AO

Can the ATV312 drive switch from local keypad control to remote terminal control by pressing and holding the mode button?
Yes , the drive can be changed back and forth between local keypad control and remote terminal control by holding the mode for 3 seconds. However, when returning to remote from local some of the drive parameters will return to the default factory values.

What is the ATV312 Modbus register number for Speed reference in RPM?
The modbus address is 8602 (1-1 rpm, if bit 9 of CMI =0).

What does CC mean at the end of an ATV312 part number?
The CC extension is a logistic reference.
There is no impact drive reference: The product inside the package is unchanged.

How do you put the ATV312 drive in local mode or remote mode?
Hold the Mod button for 3 seconds unit the 3 LED start to flash 1,2 3, and display shows LOC.
If you need to go back to remote mode hold the Mod button again for 3 seconds and the 3 LED lights will stop flashing and go out.
Please be aware if you take the drive out of local mode and put it back in remote mode it will reset your logic inputs and Reference inputs back to factory default.

Can the ATV12 keypad be used with the ATV312 or ATV32 drives?
Yes, plus you need to order either the 1 or 3 meter ATV61/71 cable to use with it.

How can you copy a old ATV31 program into a new ATV312 drive?
You can copy the old ATV31 file into the new ATV312 drive.
You will need to set up your new ATV312 to act like a old ATV31 by setting the ArE parameter to 31E or 31A.
The differences are as follows.
31A has the knob on the face of the old ATV31 drive.
31E does not have the knob only the 4 buttons on the face of the drive.
To copy the old program from the ATV31 into the new ATV312 drive you will need the original ATV31 remote keypad, Powersuite software V2.6 or the Multiloader.

What drive product line will replace the ATV312?
The ATV320 drive is the recommended replacement to the ATV312. Contact MRO Drives for the recommended replacement if you would like to upgrade, or view the list below to find the corresponding part number.

Obsolete Part NumberSupply VoltageMotor PowerReplacement Part NumberDescription of the Replacement Part Number
ATV312H018M2240V Single Phase0.25 HPATV320U02M2CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -0.25HP-200/240V 1ph
ATV312H037M2240V Single Phase0.5 HPATV320U04M2CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -0.5HP-200/240V 1ph
ATV312H055M2240V Single Phase0.75 HPATV320U06M2CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -0.75HP-200/240V 1ph
ATV312H075M2240V Single Phase1 HPATV320U07M2CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -1HP-200/240V 1ph
ATV312HU11M2240V Single Phase1.5 HPATV320U11M2CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -1.5HP-200/240V 1ph
ATV312HU15M2240V Single Phase2 HPATV320U15M2CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -2HP-200/240V 1ph
ATV312HU22M2240V Single Phase3 HPATV320U22M2CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -3HP-200/240V 1ph
ATV312H018M3240V Three Phase0.25 HPATV320U02M3CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -0.25HP-200/240V 3ph
ATV312H037M3240V Three Phase0.5 HPATV320U04M3CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -0.5HP-200/240V 3ph
ATV312H055M3240V Three Phase0.75 HPATV320U06M3CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -0.75HP-200/240V 3ph
ATV312H075M3240V Three Phase1 HPATV320U07M3CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -1HP-200/240V 3ph
ATV312HU11M3240V Three Phase1.5 HPATV320U11M3CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -1.5HP-200/240V 3ph
ATV312HU15M3240V Three Phase2 HPATV320U15M3CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -2HP-200/240V 3ph
ATV312HU22M3240V Three Phase3 HPATV320U22M3CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -3HP-200/240V 3ph
ATV312HU30M3240V Three Phase3 kWATV320U30M3CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -3kW-200/240V 3ph
ATV312HU40M3240V Three Phase5 HPATV320U40M3CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -5HP-200/240V 3ph
ATV312HU55M3240V Three Phase7.5 HPATV320U55M3CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -7.5HP-200/240V 3ph
ATV312HU75M3240V Three Phase10 HPATV320U75M3CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -10HP-200/240V 3ph
ATV312HD11M3240V Three Phase15 HPATV320D11M3CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -15HP-200/240V 3ph
ATV312HD15M3240V Three Phase20 HPATV320D15M3CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -20HP-200/240V 3ph
ATV312H037N4480V Three Phase0.5 HPATV320U04N4CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -0.5HP-400/480V 3ph
ATV312H055N4480V Three Phase0.75 HPATV320U06N4CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -0.75HP-400/480V 3ph
ATV312H075N4480V Three Phase1 HPATV320U07N4CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -1HP-400/480V 3ph
ATV312HU11N4480V Three Phase1.5 HPATV320U11N4CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -1.5HP-400/480V 3ph
ATV312HU15N4480V Three Phase2 HPATV320U15N4CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -2HP-400/480V 3ph
ATV312HU22N4480V Three Phase3 HPATV320U22N4CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -3HP-400/480V 3ph
ATV312HU30N4480V Three Phase3 kWATV320U30N4CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -3kW-400/480V 3ph
ATV312HU40N4480V Three Phase5 HPATV320U40N4CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -5HP-400/480V 3ph
ATV312HU55N4480V Three Phase7.5 HPATV320U55N4BATV320 Book drive IP20 -7.5HP-400/480V 3ph
ATV312HU75N4480V Three Phase10 HPATV320U75N4BATV320 Book drive IP20 -10HP-400/480V 3ph
ATV312HD11N4480V Three Phase15 HPATV320D11N4BATV320 Book drive IP20 -15HP-400/480V 3ph
ATV312HD15N4480V Three Phase20 HPATV320D15N4BATV320 Book drive IP20 -20HP-400/480V 3ph
ATV312H075S6600V Three Phase1 HPATV320U07S6CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -1HP-575/600V 3ph
ATV312HU15S6600V Three Phase2 HPATV320U15S6CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -2HP-575/600V 3ph
ATV312HU22S6600V Three Phase3 HPATV320U22S6CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -3HP-575/600V 3ph
ATV312HU40S6600V Three Phase5 HPATV320U40S6CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -5HP-575/600V 3ph
ATV312HU55S6600V Three Phase7.5 HPATV320U55S6CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -7.5HP-575/600V 3ph
ATV312HU75S6600V Three Phase10 HPATV320U75S6CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -10HP-575/600V 3ph
ATV312HD11S6600V Three Phase15 HPATV320D11S6CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -15HP-575/600V 3ph
ATV312HD15S6600V Three Phase20 HPATV320D15S6CATV320 Compact drive IP20 -20HP-575/600V 3ph


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