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New Au Pair Weekend Courses in Las Vegas in Addition to Silver Bay, NY

The Silver Bay Au Pair Weekend is branching out to now offer weekend classes in Las Vegas.  Classes are currently scheduled for two weekends in 2018.  Here is the information you need to plan accordingly:


Since 1996 our experienced instructors have been committed to quality instruction that provide academic value to our students.  Our courses focus on three types of classes:

  1.  Child Development
  2. Personal Development and Learning
  3. Transition to American Culture


DATES:  Feb 23 – 25, 2018 and March 23 – 25, 2018 


WHERE: The course will be held at the Conference Center at La Quinta 3970 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV 89169.


TOUR OR COURSE:  These intensive weekend courses focus on academic enrichment and are not a tour of the area.  Students may decide to arrive early or stay later or use the evenings to tour on their own.


SLEEPING ROOMS:  Rooms are double occupancy with two double beds and bathroom.  There is potential of a few rooms for 3 or 4 students who want to be together and who are willing to share beds.


ARRIVING EARLY OR STAYING LATER:  Students who want to arrive a few days early or stay a few days later can take advantage of a discounted group rate at the conference center.  Further information about this option will be available later.  Our estimate is that Thursday night will cost $108 per room and Sunday night $95 per room plus tax. Confirmations will include who to contact at the hotel and you would pay the hotel directly for any additional nights.


MEALS INCLUDED:  Snacks on Friday evening, breakfast and lunch Saturday and breakfast Sunday


ESTIMATED NUMBERS:  For the Las Vegas course we anticipate 45-80 students.  There will be four instructors.


TO BRING: Comfortable clothing, camera or smartphone for the digital photography course session, toiletries, pen, paper, medical insurance information, identification, sunscreen.


QUESTIONS: email-          web site:


TRANSPORTATION:  you are responsible for getting to the course in Las Vegas and back home yourself.  Contact the conference center when you arrive at the airport 702-796-9000 to arrange free airport pick up.


CREDITS:  The College of Saint Rose, an accredited four year college has been offering Silver Bay Courses for au pairs and American students for since 1996.  These are intensive weekend courses and involve extensive homework.  Each weekend and homework is worth 36-45 hours, which is equivalent to three credits.


ROOMMATES:  about 30 days before the weekend we will assign rooms and roommates.  If you have given us the name of a roommate we will do our best to house you together.   Most au pairs attending do not have a friend attending so we assign you with another au pair in that case.


HOMEWORK:  Homework assignments can be found on our web site:  or email us for the assignments:


COST: courses in Las Vegas will cost $370 and the late fee rate will be $420.  Cost for those living locally who do not want housing and breakfasts $310 and with the late fee $360.


GUEST:  Guest space may be available for those not taking the course and sharing your room for $170. per person for room and the breakfasts from Friday evening until Sunday morning.  Email for information at least 36 days in advance.


REFUNDS for VEGAS COURSES:  Written refund requests received 20 days prior to the course or earlier, will receive a full refund less $150 cancellation charge.  If canceling less than 20 days before the course, refund is dependent upon filling any cancelled spot with another student.


COURSE SCHEDULE:  Your weekend course will begin Friday the evening of check in at 7:00 PM and will be packed with seminars, workshops and activities until check out on Sunday at 11:50 am.  Course content is subject to change but includes effective techniques and activities to motivate children, communications skills, financial and time management, unleashing your creativity, creative writing skills and techniques, and more.


CONTACT INFORMATION: Mike D’Attilio; e-mail address:  The College of Saint Rose  Silver Bay Courses for Au Pairs and American Students 432 Western Avenue; Albany NY 12203-1490


Nov 17-19, 2017 on the Silver Bay Campus, Silver Bay NY

Dec 15-17, 2017 at The Century House & Conference Center, Albany NY

Jan 12-14, 2018 at The Century House & Conference Center, Albany NY

Feb 9-11, 2018 at The Century House & Conference Center, Albany NY

Feb 23-25, 2018 at Las Vegas LaQuinta Hotel & Meeting Center

March 16-18, 2018 on the Silver Bay Campus, Silver Bay NY

March 23-25, 2018 at Las Vegas LaQuinta Hotel & Meeting Center

April 13-15, 2018 on the Silver Bay Campus, Silver Bay NY

May 4-6, 2018 on the Silver Bay Campus, Silver Bay NY

May 25-27, 2018 on the Silver Bay Campus, Silver Bay NY

June 15-17, 2018 on The College of Saint Rose Campus, Albany NY

July 13-15, 2018 on The College of Saint Rose Campus, Albany NY

Aug 24-26, 2018 at The Century House & Conference Center, Albany NY

Sept 14-16, 2018 on the Silver Bay Campus, Silver Bay NY

Oct 16-21, 2018 on the Silver Bay Campus, Silver Bay NY

web site:  www.silverbayaupaircourse.comFACEBOOK:

SPECIAL NOTE ON REGISTRATION DEADLINES for the Vegas weekend courses.  We strongly recommend you email us a registration form then follow directions below to be sure you have a space.

For Feb 23-25, 2018 Course Weekend: 

BEFORE JANUARY 11 postal mail registration form with check or money order for $370.

AFTER JANUARY 11 but before February 8 email the registration form and then postal mail it with $420 payment (includes late fee).

AFTER FEBRUARY 8 email the form and we will tell you if there is space and how to pay the $420.

For March 23-25, 2018 Course Weekend:

            BEFORE FEBRUARY 14 postal mail registration form with check or money order for $370. 

            AFTER FEBRUARY 14 but before March 8 email the registration form and then postal mail it with $420 payment (includes late fee).

            AFTER FEBRUARY 8 email the form and we will tell you if there is space and how to pay the $420.


Tuesday, 7 November 2017 4:06 PM

Dear AuPairMoms:

I’m a first-time host-parent to a lovely 21 year old first-time Au Pair from Scandinavia (through Cultural Care), as well as a first-time mom of 19 month old twins, and I really enjoy this site.

I’m hoping your readers might have some sage advice for me. I’m starting to obsess over this issue, which is ridiculous because the last thing I have time to do it obsess about anything. But when it comes to my Au Pair, who is a bit on the lackadaisical side of life, in addition to being pretty naïve, I often feel like nothing will get done unless I dive in and take over.

So here’s the current problem:

We just moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to a remote alpine resort town 3.5 hours away. When we visited the area for an extended vacation we were glad to see a small college in town, half a mile from our home, and we presumed (I know, never make any presumptions) if we moved here, that we’d simply enroll our au pair in an inexpensive Community Education class at this college. We noted that this college is chock-full of Scandinavians, making my Au Pair feel like she has died and gone to heaven.

When we decided we wanted to move here by mid-September, and contacted the college for enrollment information, we were told that all of the classes were full, cost a minimum of $600 per credit, and that they don’t even have a Community Education program! The college suggested classes that Au Pair could take in the Spring semester at their sister-school, but that school is a 45 minute drive each way, and our Au Pair doesn’t know how to drive (public transportation here exists, but that route between our home and the sister-school would take 2 hours each way).

We asked the only other Au Pair in town what she does, and she drives an hour each way 3 times per week to the closest small-city University. I also asked the area’s LCC, who told me along the lines of, “That school in your town is a pain in the neck to get into. The next closest place is over an hour drive in each direction, so if your Au Pair doesn’t drive, that’s a big problem. Maybe the Area Coordinator has a suggestion.”

I might also add that me driving Au Pair to school an hour each way, staying for her class and driving her home is not going to work because my husband is away 3 nights a week, and her classes would take place during her time off, while my babies are sleeping, so please, let’s not go there.

I spoke with our former Area Coordinator at Cultural Care, who isn’t very familiar with my new home town, but did tell me that there simply aren’t enough Au Pairs here to make it worthwhile to them to make a concession, and advised me that Au Pair could take a weekend class at one of two East Coast locations: Silver Bay YMCA 80 miles north of Albany, or CW Post, which isn’t too far out on Long Island.

Bingo!, I thought, until I looked up the course schedule, and then airline schedules. Now, because we feel somewhat guilty about the timing of our move, which was a very self-indulgent move on our part that will allow my husband and I to remain at home with our children full-time (he working from home, me a SAHM), and we really weren’t putting much thought on how it might effect Au Pair, we feel like we should pay for the weekend course and her transportation to/from.

However, after some research, I found that either option will cost us nearly $1,200. Both options are going to require our Au Pair to take a red-eye from our nearest airport plus two more hops just to get there, then manage ground transportation on her own in a strange location (for CW Post, it’s the LIRR and then a shuttle; and in the SB case, if she’s lucky, we might be able to time her flight to catch the private shuttles that have been arranged by the teachers), and upon her return, she will get stuck at a West Coast airport overnight (either LAX, San Diego, Phoenix, or Salt Lake) before flying the remainder of the trip the following morning. As an alternative, we could put her up at a hotel near the school; either way, it means we now have to add the cost of a hotel room, ground transportation and food to the aforementioned fees, not to mention the fact that we won’t have an Au Pair from Wednesday night to Tuesday morning. I haven’t even told my Au Pair all this yet, because I know it will cause her a lot of apprehension and nervousness.

The Cultural Care representative told me that they don’t have weekend courses available on the West Coast, just these two locations in the Northeast. I haven’t been able to determine if these weekend courses that she suggested are specifically run by Cultural Care and, therefore, only available for their Au Pairs that they bring in to the US. I found a weekend Au Pair course at UCLA, which would be wayyyy easier for us to manage, but it alludes that these courses are only for Au Pairs from a different agency.

Would some of your readers experienced in this issue be able to let me know if these weekend courses are “Agency Specific”, and if they are, if they have had experience enrolling their Au Pairs into weekend classes that might not be through their agency?

Our Au Pair needs to fulfill her remaining 3 credit requirement by February 3rd, and due to pre-paid travel plans, that leaves us with one weekend in early December at CW Post as our only option right now. I guess another option would be to let Au Pair lose her deposit (not sure what it is in her country, but maybe we pay her back for it?), but then she can’t extend with another family or re-apply as an Au Pair for two years, and she has already indicated that she’d like to stay (with us, at least).

What do I do? Are there any options I’ve overlooked?


Hi TahoeTwinsMom –

Wow. I am really impressed by your efforts to track down all the possible options for your au pair’s education requirement. Many host moms would not have gone to such lengths on the au pair’s behalf, especially if she shows little interest in it herself. I understand that part of your reason for taking on this responsibility is that you feel responsible– your move put your au pair in a tough situation, requirement-wise. But still, many would have given up! good for you.

From what I see, you have two additional options to consider.

One option is to ask your au pair how much she really cares about extending or reapplying, and if she doesn’t care you can just ‘make her whole’ by covering the expense she’d incur by not filling this requirement.

Th e other option is to consider an online class. Doesn’t somewhere like Phoenix University or DeVry have economical online classes that she might take? Even though your au pair would not get out of the house and meet interesting people taking an online class, she might be able to fit it into her schedule easily.

I’d love to hear whether anyone has tried this strategy. And, I can’t wait to see what kinds of options other readers recommend…. Folks?

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