Biology Argumentative Research Paper Topics

7 great biology topics for a research paper

Biology research papers have been written on some of the most interesting topics. Finding a good topic depends on personal interest and knowledge. A few great topics may relate to what is currently trending in the news or natural phenomenon’s that continue to puzzle some of the most prominent researchers in the field. While there are a number of great topics to choose from, it helps to narrow down a few ideas to help you work toward a favorable topic. Consider the following 7 topics for your next biology research paper.

  1. Abortion. What happens during an abortion procedure? How was the abortion pill developed and how does it work within the body? Does the woman getting the abortion experience any effects after the procedure is completed?
  2. What happens to the human body as we age? What factors have shown evidence they speed up or slow down the aging process? What happens in the brain when a person has symptoms of Alzheimer’s or Dementia?
  3. Why do people have allergies? How do symptoms vary from a food allergy verse an allergy caused by plants, trees or pollen? What are some of the most effective treatments for allergies? What were some of the earliest forms of testing for treatment options before modern solutions were developed we know today?
  4. Alternative health or alternative healing. Is it true that laughing can help people feel better? Will mental conditions such as depression or ADHD benefit from alternative health treatment options? How has marijuana played a role in helping people obtain some form of relief from a medical condition?
  5. Fertility treatments and birth control. How many forms of birth control are there and which ones have been proven to be most effective? What happens when fertility drugs are used? Do birth control pills help or hurt a woman’s menstruation cycle? Why are birth control pills known for helping women experience less acne and reduced menstrual symptoms?
  6. The perception of color. How is it that two or more people can look at an object and not agree it is the same color? What does it mean to be color blind? What does fall foliage do the brain and how does it affect the way we feel?
  7. Emotions. How does a person experience so many different emotions? Where does it come from within the body and how were they first discovered?

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A Selection Of Good Argumentative Essay Topics In Biology

Essay topics often have a wide range of information that's involved in making the most out of a topic. While these topics are built with a purpose to inform and introduce a student in a specific way of thinking, there are essay documents that act as somewhat of pieces of information that can always be put. In terms of a biology, there are a few ways that each student can find their own topic that will inspire them and motivate them to find their own greater thoughts that will be introduced into the topic of their choosing. A quality dissertation on a topic like biology often addresses some of the core issues. These are some things to consider.

  • Address typical systems of understanding
  • Question each topic
  • Question the makeup of understood biology
  • Bring the unseen into the concepts
  • The Body
  • The History of the body
  • The functioning of the body
  • The nature of movement
  • Beyond the body physical
  • The dynamic of thoughts and reintroducing thoughts as body definers

In biology, there are some concepts that could be brought into the entire idea of what the body encompasses. Knowing different ideas and concepts that would challenge the typical understanding of a person's body being reduced simply to cellular makeup without even considering the biology of a thought. These would sometimes be questions that could often bring some greater understanding to the concepts of biology and might offer some quality as well.

Each topic and each question that each student may want to address can always bring into question some types of information that might be scrutinized. Being able to take pieces of information and incorporate facts while leaving the idea open for further and more in-depth information can always lead to something worth knowing.

The makeup of biology itself has been similar and will continue to be understood on specific levels as the way that it is. However, different pieces of information and research that have already been completed could be incorporated into an already expanding understanding for the person who is writing the documents.

The unseen, meaning thoughts and imaginations, have a direct reflection being made into the body. Literally. These concepts have been incorporated into the advanced biological understandings of leading scientists worldwide. These concepts if adopted into the current stream of understanding would increase the field and grow the students own realm of knowledge and applied research topics.

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