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Seeking professional UCAS personal statement help? Our professional personal statement writers can provide you with an Eye-catching and result-drivenUCAS personal statement writing service in the UK, which can certainly boost your chances of getting admission in your favourite college or university. We provide exclusive Admission Assurance which nobody else does.

A Personal Statement is your full-proof chance to get into the college of your choice and study a subject which you’re interested in. The 47 lines (4000 characters) in your Personal Statement define your path to further education which you definitely cannot get wrong!

Having said that, why would a tutor select your statement out of the thousand others applied for the same subject? We, the Personal Statement Folks, make sure your personal statement is the reason – unique to your capabilities and experience as well as professionally drafted! If you consider applying to any of the 106 UCAS listed colleges, your personal statement should speak of your interests, skills and experience in the subject you are intending to apply for.

Our team of experienced personal statement writers as well as decorated ex-lecturers from among the top UK universities and colleges make sure your personal statement is what the tutors are looking for in one –

  • Why do you intend to apply – do your ambitions and interest in the subject matter to the tutor, college or the university?
  • Why choose you – do you have relevant skills, experience or achievements that set you apart in the competition?

Now, everybody applying to the college knows the question; the real question is – do you have the right answer, hitting the right chords of the tutors which both interests and fascinates him to get you selected?

Your personal statement should be eye-catching as well as informative to hold the attention of the tutor for long enough to get you selected – our excellent team of professional personal statement writers adhere to theUCAS guidelines as well as the individuality of each statement to design the best possible version of your academic journey!

We, the Personal Statement Folks, know how important is your past education and experience, skills and outside reading about the subject you are applying for; thus we make it a priority to portray your reasons to choose the subject and the benefits you receive from being selected in the college in a clear and precise format.

So if you are facing problem in writing a personal statement, simply contact us now!

Why Choose Our Personal Statement Writing Service?

We’ve been there and done that for more than 10 years, that’s why!

We, the Personal Statement Folks, not only brag about striking personal statements for students having interest in varied fields of study but have also made it from scratch using factual information. Our highly skilled experts collate information from each student and design the personal statements using the best of minds and standards.

We are one of the leading personal statement writing service provider in the UK. Each personal statement prepared, is most authentic and error-free from all aspects making it even more suitable for selection!

Tutors not only look for the ‘personal’ in your personal statements but also want to see how enthusiastic you are about the subject of your choice and the college applied for. We take into account your skills, experiences in the said field of study, any extra-curricular activities involved in (pertaining to the subject), any external reading (including projects) done in the chosen subject as well as the qualities sought in a student by numerous professors in their respective subjects. Weather it be a psychology personal statement or if you need help with a nursing personal statement or be it any subject we can help with all!

Our team of experts includes professional personal statement help experts, ex-professors from various UK Universities and colleges along with Masters and PhD researchers who excel in their fields of study who make sure your personal statement gives the desirable message and also outshines the thousands of others. Each statement we help prepare is grammatically correct, clear and concise in the writing style and plagiarism free!

Every personal statement is crafted by way of constant communication to and fro the student and the writer, enabling the most accurate and professional academic account of the student. It is both presentable and interesting, thus helping more than thousands of personal statement get selected each year!

So contact us now for any help with writing a personal statement. We have branches across London and all over UK.

Our Admission guarantee is the ultimate cherry on the cake; make the most of it today!


Custom, Expert and Professional Personal Statement Writing Service

If you are looking for a professional personal statement writing service, do not look further than WritingSharks.net. The fact that you have been browsing the net and landed on our website means that you are looking for someone to help you write a custom personal statement that will clearly tell the admissions panel about your visions, goals and ambitions. Well, you are at the right place. Writing a good personal statement that will effectively sell an applicant as an appropriate candidate for employment or admission can be difficult for a lot of applicants. Despite the difficulty, such a statement must always be taken seriously. That is why the services of professional personal statement essay writers are invaluable. They are not like the homework assigned to students as part of their coursework, which a student may sometimes take lightly.

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We understand that a personal statement is a very important document that helps you get a spot at the university by describing your interests, and achievements. It should outline your unique, special, impressive and distinctive characteristics. It plays a very important part in your college application process by differentiating you from the rest of the applicants. Being a common requirement of job and education program applications, these statements must stand out from the lot of applications. Therefore, if you lack the capacity to write a winning personal statement, then you can seek the help of reputable personal statement services such as WritingSharks.net. We take any personal statement assignment with the seriousness it deserves.

The popular personal statement essays common in universities and colleges, which we can help you write, are usually of two main types:

  1. The general personal statement that is more comprehensive such as a law school personal statement, nursing personal statement or a medical school personal statement.
  2. A response to specific questions used in graduate schools, business schools and recruitment bodies, such as Ucas personal statement or residency personal statement.

Professional Personal Statement Services

When you buy personal statements from us, be assured that you will get top quality essays written according to your requirements and specifications. Our personal statement assistance is unique and matchless. Our pool of professional and qualified personal statement writers with degrees in different fields of study will produce an essay that you will never find anywhere else. They apply the common guidelines for perfect writing with special skills of writing personal statements to give you a statement written to perfection. The opening paragraph grabs the attention of the committee immediately they read your statement and makes them follow your thoughts. It will give them your framework for the rest of the essay. After hooking them, their interest will then stick through to the next section that details your interests and specific experiences in your field of specialization. It will show the knowledge you have in your field of choice. Moreover, it will outline your writing skills and command of language as excellent, which is important to the selection panel. Still, the most important aspect of the custom personal statement written by us is that it will distinguish you from all the other applicants. Sometimes, it is very hard for you to produce such an essay, and that is why you need to get our personal statement assistance.

Confidentiality & Authenticity GuaranteedOur writing is original and authentic. We do not reuse custom papers, and we do not divulge our clients' personal information

Get varied Personal Statement Writing Services at WritingSharks.net

WritingSharks.net shows up when you are searching the web using such key words as “law school personal statement help”, “Ucas personal statement help”, “college personal statement”, “help with personal statement writing”, “medical school personal statement editing”, “personal statement editing service”, “high school personal statement”, “nursing personal statement”, “medical school personal statement”, “buy personal statement” and “pay to write personal statement”. Whichever keyword you use, and as long as you are looking for help with writing your personal statement, WritingSharks.net will satisfy your needs. This just shows how varied our services are; writing entry personal statements for any academic level, any field and any area of expertise. Apart from writing custom personal statements from scratch, we can also edit the one you have written, proofread it and guide you on how to write a winning statement if you wish to do it yourself. No matter the level of education or career you want to pursue, we will provide top notch personal statement writing and editing services. Due to this, our company is accepted across the globe because of the vast experience we have gained writing such papers over the years.

Buy Your Personal Statement Online Now

If you are a student seeking admission to the next education level or a job seeker desiring success in your career and want to make use of our services, just make an order online. Our term, conditions, and procedures are designed to make getting quality personal statements easy. Our privacy policy and the secure, confidential order and payment process also assure you that any information you share with us remains private and confidential. We have 24/7 customer care support that will respond to your request and answer any question you have without delay. If you decide to make use of our personal statement services, we assure you that you will be satisfied. Even if you are not satisfied with the essay delivered to you, we have a Money Back Guarantee Policy that will see you refunded up to 100% of your money. The essay you will receive will be 100% original and 100% plagiarism free. So, don’t waste any more time! Make use of our affordable personal statement writing service to get accepted in your dream school. You may also get to enjoy one of the periodic discounts we offer every year. Send in your order and trust us to help you on your journey to a better future.

Do it yourself guide

If you wish to write your statement yourself, here are a few tips to get you started:

  • First, schedule enough time for writing your statement.
  • Start by looking at samples of personal statements. You can find multiple good samples online. The personal statement essays that we offer, which are written by experts, can also be used as examples for how to write a personal statement perfectly.
  • Think carefully about your interests, achievements in your student life, previous professional experiences and achievements, and how they will help you achieve your ambitions for the future. What skills have you acquired and what characteristics and talents do you posses that are relevant to achieving your vision? Focus on those that are relevant to goal at hand.
  • Write down your thoughts and ideas as they come. Putting these ideas together to form a complete personal statement will result in your first draft.
  • Rethink, rephrase, add and subtract your ideas as necessary. Friends and family can provide useful insights on strengths you may not have noticed so talking to them about your statement may help. As you do this, make sure that the content of your statement is true. Remember that lies may land you in trouble so honesty is the best strategy when describing your qualities and achievements.
  • Make sure you have a strong introduction that will capture the reader’s interest and apply the rules of good writing to ensure that their interest is maintained to the end. Use appropriate professional words and a recommended personal statement format. The services of essay writing professionals such as WritingSharks.net will help you edit and format the final draft of your statement properly. This is especially important if you haven’t mastered the English language.
  • Make your statement personal without going overboard with the details. Your choice of details to include must be carefully thought out. Choose the details, anecdotes and accomplishments that demonstrate your character and strengths the most. Include personal details that are relevant and leave the unimportant stuff out.
  • Seek the input of people whose opinions matters to you.

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