Why Do People Work Essay

People work because they need money to live, what are some other reasons that people work? Discuss one or more of this reason. Use a specific example and details to support your answer.

Majority people are working because of the money. Money is very important in our life and its bring us happiness and enjoy life , but i dont think that everybody is like that. Some people are working without payment and they need experience as satisfaction and service. So today I want to explain some other reason and have good example for my reasons.

Firstly, some people are working very hard as other people and they get low salaries as compare to other society or other nation. It's because of they are serving they nation or society. For example, I m refugee and in our society, most of government worker have good skill and good teacher have low salary. It's all are serving they nation. If you have good skill or ability in any job. It's sure that you get satisfies salary in other nation.

Second reason is some people are working every day as without payment. That we call volunteer. This kind of worker has some other reason to do work and no for money. May be its like sympathy or want to help for other people or they are trying to get experience. For example in our school, every year they have Korean medical student come in our school and they teach how to wash our teeth and check our teeth. It's all are volunteer member. They have very cool kind heart.

In finally I want to say that they lots of reason working in this world and not only money. So in this short time I have no enough time to explain ever thing. So working for money is good but not going over or greedier on that.

Hi, norza , although i am not quite good at writing, i hope what i did could help you. If I were you, I would write the last paragraph like this.

In finally I want to say that they lots of reason working in this world and not only money. So in this short time I have no enough time to explain ever thing. So working for money is good but not going over or greedier on that.

In conclusion, apart from working for making money, there are still lots of people who work out of kindness and patriotism. For these reasons, I am convinced that people work not only for earning money but also for other lofty ideas. So please remember that making money is an essential part of life but making money is far from everything in life.

Why People Work? Essay

Try to imagine how you would fill in 24 hours a day, every day, if you didn't have to work. There you go - off to the beach in summer, the movies in winter, watch T.V. on rainy days, go skating or horse riding, read a lot of books or magazines, sleep . . .

But would you?

Where would the money come from to pay your bus fares, to get into the movies, to buy your T.V. or to pay for the electricity, or buy your skates and books?

Let's say that money grew on trees, and that no-one had to worry about that "small" problem. Now you can do all those things... right?

Probably not, because if no-one had to worry about earning money, then who would bother driving your bus to the beach - for that matter, who would bother building your bus, or making your movies, skates, books, etc.? Why would they have to?

What you'd probably end up doing would be spending most of your time out in the fields growing your own food, or looking after your cows for milk and meat, your sheep for clothing, growing bamboo for the walls of your humpy.

Why would you need to do this? Because no-one else would need to do it to earn money, because money grew on trees - right?

Obviously, money in that sort of society doesn't really exist, and is of no value to the people...

So, in our society, is MONEY is the NUMBER ONE reason for working ! ! ! ???

A lot of people might agree with this statement, but is money the main reason why so many people spend so much of their time working?

Surely work gives us other things as well as money?

Go back to your farm for a second . . . and think of all the things you would have to do for yourself. What would happen if, for example, you weren't able to repair your hand-plough if it broke down?

Now, some other farmer probably discovered that they were particularly good a repairing broken down ploughs, and when everyone found this out, they all asked this farmer to repair theirs. Soon a thriving business had been set up-ploughs repaired in exchange for corn, or milk or rugs or any other thing the repairer needed.

Pretty soon, other people began specialising in all sorts of things, and they didn't have to worry about doing everything for themselves, as they were able to trade their special skills for the things they wanted.

So, the main reason why "work'' exists today is since we cannot possibly do everything for ourselves, we get other people to do things for us, and pay them for their work. In order to do that, we must also do things for other people so that we can earn money.

Think of everything you do-all of it costs money. Electricity isn't free, nor is water, food, housing, clothing, etc. So, we appear to be back at the point again where money is still the MAIN REASON for working, but now probably not in the original way you were thinking.

However, in the process of reaching this conclusion,...

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